HR & IT – Using technology to augment HR functions

HR & IT – Using technology to augment HR functions

A house is only as strong as its foundation. With businesses, this foundation comprises a myriad of things, but few are more important than the HR infrastructure. It underpins the organisation by providing clear and concise guidelines that help protect it from threats within and without.

That being said, maintaining an effective HR department can be a laborious and rather costly affair. Instead, consider leveraging on current technology and service providers to optimise your HR process at minimal cost.

Automated systems allow users to execute processes in a mere fraction of the time it would usually take to do it manually. The consistency of digital algorithms also ensures that quality and accuracy are maintained throughout. By removing human error from the equation, you effectively strengthen your company’s position when it comes to efficiency. Legal services provider Dragon Law provides you with the invaluable option of creating fully customised and legitimate legal documents within minutes. This ease of automation also frees up valuable resources that can be otherwise repurposed to more useful areas.

Cloud computing is another tool that has many versatile applications. By hosting your HR functions online, you eliminate the need for maintaining expensive and bulky servers that require periodic maintenance. Instead, software updates are regularly administered as and when they are released. Vendors like HReasily also offer proprietary apps that allow employees and business owners to access their relevant functions while remaining on-the-go. Digital archival also renders the need for physical space redundant when it comes to document storage.

By observing Moore’s Law, we can surmise that as time marches on, more and more solutions will present themselves in the form of technology. By taking a proactive stance and capitalising on these technological advances, we can ensure that the foundation of our businesses remains one of brick and mortar, not a deck of cards.