Problems Faced


As a young company, Verra Asia needed an cost effective all-in-one system that allows them to manage HR matters quickly and efficiently.

On-the-go flexibility

With staff constantly in and out of the office for various meetings and projects, Verra Asia needed a convenient approach to manage leaves, claims, and other HR matters.

Maximising office space

The fast growing company needed to maximise their office space, which meant digital filing solutions for employee data, instead of manual processes.

How HReasily helped

Verra Asia is a leading boutique marketing consultancy firm based in Singapore. As a fast growing company specialising in bespoke marketing and digital strategies across the region, An intuitive, all-in-one HR management system was needed to help streamline Verra Asia’s HR management processes.

Having had experience trying other HR softwares and solutions, Olivia felt that HReasily’s intuitive system was the most convenient and simplest solution currently on the market. Being able to digitalise processes meant maximising office space as well, so that Verra Asia can have more physical space to grow into, rather than have it cluttered with manual filing systems and papers.

“HReasily has definitely helped me be more agile and flexible when it comes to approving claims and leaves on the go,” says Olivia, “with just a click of a button I can easily have these requests approved and filed into the cloud system.”

With more time to focus on business development, Olivia has been able to refine her business’s core products, as well as expand her team to support the influx of projects as her pipeline continues to grow.

Olivia especially enjoys the seamlessness of HReasily’s integration with XERO which she uses as her cloud accounting platform of choice to run her business. She enjoys the ease of having her payroll data simply populated into her XERO instance on a monthly basis, allow her to reconcile expenses with ease.

“Without HReasily, HR work would have definitely taken up a bigger portion of my time in a working day,” says Olivia. “with a bigger shift in technology being used to streamline and ease work processes, HReasily is one of the platforms that really help strengthen this cause.”

“HReasily is a simple solution that integrates intuitively into XERO, allowing for easier accounting of salaries, claims, and CPF payments every month.”

– Olivia Leong, CEO, Verra Asia

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