Problems Faced

Lack of administrative support

With only one manager handling administrative, HR, and accounting tasks, workload in a day was overwhelming and productivity was low.


An influx of projects and a manpower expansion from 40 to 90 staff meant that HR records became difficult to manually process.


With too much to do and not enough manpower to handle the sudden increase, accuracy and compliance became an issue.

How HReasily helped

With no time to focus on the revenue generating portions of the business, Webnatics needed an all-in-one HR management system that could automate smaller, administrative tasks, ensuring that they don’t slip through the cracks.

HReasily helped the company solve their compliancy issues quickly and accurately. Encountering several problems and issues when first learning how to use the system, Webnatics credits HReasily’s strong staff support with enabling the company to confidently and seamlessly integrate HReasily into their business processes, as HReasily brought Webnatics through the onboarding process step by step.

With HReasily’s cloud system, Webnatics was assured that the company’s incoming employees were onboarded seamlessly, with their data easily accessible. The company’s biometric system was quickly synchronised with HReasily’s time and attendance module, which seamlessly integrates with the HR management platform to give the Webnatics HR team a well-informed view of the company’s HR management.

Webnatics’ employees also found leave and claims management simpler to apply with HReasily’s leave and claims modules, through the phone and desktop apps. Describing HReasily as a full suite of HR capabilities, HReasily helped Webnatics cut down their work, by taking care of the smaller administrative tasks, allowing the Webnatics HR team to easily manage their HR workload, even as they expanded and grew.

With more time to focus on the revenue generating portions of the business, Webnatics feels that there’s been a huge difference in the company’s time management since integrating HReasily into their business processes, allowing the company to focus on the most important resource: people.

“Running payroll used to take me 2-3 days to complete. With HReasily, it only takes 3 hours to get it done, with one click.”

– Frieda Lee, General Manager, Webnatics

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