Making Payroll a Priority

Making Payroll a Priority

Smart business owners will realise that true success comes from within. It comes from having an efficient and satisfied workforce that places absolute trust in its management team. Therefore, it bears mentioning that understanding the psyche of your employees is key to maximising both their and your business’s potential.

The average employee is one that is practical. And practicality within the workplace usually manifests itself within the payroll system. Aside from being paid enough, employees are also concerned about receiving their salary on time, every time, and in the correct amounts. An organisation that is unable to guarantee any of that is one that not a lot of employees will feel comfortable putting their faith in.

Utilising a powerful and reliable payroll system is the cornerstone to having a streamlined process that delivers results. In light of the new 2016 regulations under the Employment Act, it becomes even more imperative that you possess the capabilities to produce itemised payslips and keep detailed records of all issued payslips.

With the advent of cloud computing and automation tools, improvements in technology have made it possible to remove the tiresome and error-prone manual aspect of payroll management from the corporate ecosystem. Being able to dispose of the burden that is manual handling allows business owners to reprioritise and focus their efforts on growing their business.

With businesses relying on the “old-school” way of doing things, common mistakes include issuing the incorrect amount for payment or including a pay item that shouldn’t even be in the payslip. While these slip-ups may seem small at first glance, such things have a habit of adding up. What this results in is a trickle-down effect whereby the errors of higher management result in dire consequences for those who work on the ground level.

With HReasily you won’t have to worry about such things, or forgetting to make your employees’ CPF contributions or making mistakes on your annual IR8A forms. Our software takes the guesswork out of your hands, leaving you with just the results. Relying on legacy and manual systems only leaves the door open for potential (and costly) errors that will set your company back or even worse, damage your reputation as a reliable organisation.

HReasily provides the best in online payroll software that is fully-automated and completely independent, running in total compliance with the Ministry of Manpower’s guidelines. Being a highly flexible solution, it is also compatible with businesses of all scales and sizes. Proprietary employee and business owner apps also allow users access to real-time information at the push of a button, placing an invaluable amount of convenience at your fingertips.

If you would like to see how HReasily can suit your business needs, please visit our website for more information and details.