Problems Faced

Laborious Administration

Human Resource management took up precious working hours in a day due to manual processes.

Maintaining Transparency

With staff members working different hours, there was a lack of transparency and accuracy in tracking working hours.

Payroll Processing

With HR processes not intuitively linked to one another, reconciling each process with each other took up a longer time.

How HReasily helped

With an easy-to-use interface and an excellent support staff, Yue Xian integrated HReasily seamlessly into her operations. This allowed her to streamline her work processes, giving her more time to focus on her business pipeline and growth.

Having learned about HReasily from fellow business owners, Yue Xian integrated the SaaS platform into her business processes.

HReasily’s cloud system meant that all employee documents and data were filed away on a secure cloud server, with access available on mobile or desktop apps. Yue Xian and her staff could now file and approve leave and claims digitally while on-the-go. Furthermore, the SaaS platform helped Yue Xian cut down on manual filing processes and tasks.

Face recognition enabled time and attendance clocking meant that her part-time workers could clock in hours efficiently, while providing her HR manager transparency and accuracy when it came to viewing her employees’ work hours. Integration into all other aspects of HR management through the SaaS platform meant increased compliancy and accuracy for other work processes like payroll processing.

HReasily’s all-in-one platform helped Aloha Poké greatly increase efficiency and convenience – now, Yue Xian or her HR manager can just pull employee data and approve leave and claims from anywhere they are. With less time spent on payroll processing, Yue Xian could now focus on Aloha Poké’s business development with ease of mind.

“HReasily’s face recognition enabled time and attendance module cut down so many hours spent on reconciling working hours in a day for both my HR manager and me.”

– Yue Xian, co-founder of Aloha Poké

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