Essentials for Payroll and Staff management
All you need to stay compliant

30 days of HReasily Premium included

  • Basic PAYROLLeasily
    Run multiple payrolls every month
  • Basic STAFFeasily
    Store staff info securely with
  • Mobile App
  • Available 24/7
  • Live chat support


Run your business like a pro with beautiful
Payroll, Leave and Staff management tools

$ 4
/ month / employee

  • PAYROLLeasily
  • STAFFeasily
  • CAPTUREeasily
  • LEAVEeasily
  • CONTRACTeasily
  • Mobile App

choose an add on

  • Add CLAIMeasily
  • Add TIMEeasily
+$1 / module / employee / month
  • Add TIMEeasily Facial Recognition
+$3 / employee / month


Complete end-to-end solution for your company with all
our modules with option of software license from:

$ 850
/ month

  • PAYROLLeasily
  • STAFFeasily
  • CAPTUREeasily
  • TIMEeasily
  • Dedicated support
  • LEAVEeasily
  • CONTRACTeasily
  • CLAIMeasily
  • Mobile App
*For qualifying SMEs
*Excludes TIMEeasily Facial Recognition

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UOB Only
Store staff data securely
Create admin and employee accounts
Manage access levels
Export employee data to Excel
Standardised Ministry of Manpower Employment Contract
Available on the Mobile App
Reporting Module
Connect to online accounting softwares
Run multiple payroll runs every month
Contribution calculations
Calculate donation funds
Access itemised payslips online
Export and print payslips for printable PDF
Calculate IR8A
Export and print reports in PDF
CPF and IR8A forms for online submission
Create payroll entries in Xero.
Automatically sync approved unpaid leave as payroll deductions
Bank / GIRO files submission
Reporting Module Monthly
Reporting Module - YTD reporting
Payroll report in XL
Multi-currency functionality
Assignment of department coding
Available on Mobile App
Pay salaries with credit cards
Apply, approve and review Leave
Assign multiple leave approvers in your company
Preset statutory requirements for leave
Customise leave types
Submit Expenses; approve and review
Designate multiple claim approvers in your company
Customise your expense claim type (e.g. medical allowance or reimbursement)
Available on Mobile App
Time Attendance
Integration with nominated POS vendors
Integration with all systems with an standardised download format