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Why HReasily?

We are a company that supplies human resources software in Thailand that helps you do your job more efficiently. We understand that as businesses grow, human resource management grows in complexity. At HReasily, we focus on the only resource that matters: people. We are more than just a platform; we are your partners. We provide you with solutions that make every day of your job better.

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HREasily changes the way you work to help you adapt to the growth of your company and the growth of its human resources. We provide a platform that allows you to easily keep track of every aspect of your HR needs

Payroll Management Services

The most important part of the human resources job, as far as the employees are concerned, is that they receive their correct salary promptly. With our cloud-based payroll management system, you’ll be able to check on every aspect of payroll from wherever you are, from your desk, or by our Apple and Android versions for your smartphone.

We also offer automated payslips and a range of payment options to suit your employees. Our real-time platform offers synchronized data that allows you to track all aspects of your payroll accurately.

Instant Leave Assigning and Tracking

Know instantly who is supposed to be on the job and who is on leave with our intuitive and fluid leave system. Your employees will be able to apply and be approved for leave whether you’re in the office or not by our cloud-based system.
You’ll always be able to see the on-the-job status of your workforce in seconds.

Filing Claims is No Longer Tedious

Filing claims use to be a messy and time-consuming process. You can streamline the need for approval and corroboration by using our claims management software to process a claim in minutes instead of hours.

Our system also supports the use of multiple currencies by providing automatic calculations of claim amounts with our international currency claims module.

Exacting Time and Attendance Reports

For companies that rely on time-based workers, keeping track of the time that they’ve worked is important to your bottom line. We offer a system that can be integrated with your time clocks and other hardware. This will allow you to upload the data from your hardware to our system and accurately track the work history of every employee on your payroll.

Our facial recognition system will also allow your employees to clock in and out faster than conventional systems and provide you with more reliable data as to who is on the job.


Our updated employee database is located on a cloud server, allowing for on-the-go updates on new hires, leave and claims applications, and document storage.

Seamless integration

HReasily seamlessly integrates with other software and hardware, automating the process so that you don’t have to manually do it.

Multi-country coverage

HReasily allows for easy management of your business across 8 locations in Asia Pacific region: Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Increased engagement

Employees and employers alike can now easily access their information on a single platform through multiple devices.

Self-service platform

HReasily’s platform allows employees to apply for leave and claims, receive payslips, and clock in and out through our intuitive software.

Simplifed processes

Manual processes and filing systems for HR can now be automated, streamlined, and digitalised with HReasily’s cloud platform.

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