Online Payroll Services for Businesses in Thailand

Performing payroll services for any business in Thailand can be daunting. Manual HR tasks like generating payment reports and payslips, disbursing payments, and calculating income tax, social security, and provident fund amounts can take up precious time during your day.

HREasily makes these tasks easier to handle with our online payroll software. With our software, you can be sure that every employee is kept up-to-date on all matters concerning payroll and taxes

Accurate reporting

Real-time, synchronised data in detailed reports, allowing you to track your progress accurately.

Automated payslips

Our payroll module automates calculations in compliance to local government regulations on behalf of each employee.

On-the-go convenience

HReasily is on desktop, Apple, and Android. You can run payroll easily or check your payslips online from anywhere, with HReasily’s cloud-based software.

Payment options

With multiple payment options, create flexibility to automate and cater to different payment schedules.

Compliant with Government Regulations

HReasily’s platform allows you to ensure that your company meets the regulations of the Thai government. With our software, you can be assured that your business is in total compliance on payroll, tax, and provident fund disbursement regulations. Furthermore, all company records are safely and securely stored in our cloud-based platform, allowing them to be easily accessible and available in case of the need for a government audit.

Making Your Life Easier

As small business grow, the expansion process can result in current HR processes no longer being the most effective way to support your business. This can result in payroll becoming a tedious, manual process.
We simplify the payroll process by automating payroll tasks that used to be done manually. Our system can be used to generate your company reports automatically, resulting in easier compiling of data when you need it. This means that you get more out of your personnel and still have the payroll processed flawlessly.