What's Wrong with the Manual Approach?

What's Wrong with the Manual Approach?

What’s wrong with the Manual Approach? In today’s digital age, it might come as a surprise that some companies still choose to manually handle their payroll process. While a well-organised Excel spreadsheet may seem appealing and even nostalgic to some, it masks a credible danger to efficient HR practices.

The manual approach requires administrators to key in data by hand. This may be fine for smaller companies with about 20 employees on the payroll, but can prove to be disastrous for those with hundreds of staff members to take care of. Aside from being time-consuming and utterly laborious, using the manual approach also serves as an invitation for human error, where a single mistake in this instance can prove to be a devastatingly costly one. Considering that pay slips will now be required to be itemised due to changes in the Employment Act, the risk factor for using the manual approach has just risen exponentially.

Another issue with utilising the manual approach is that of security. In 2013, it was reported that supervisor working for a large travel company accidentally sent a spreadsheet containing the department’s payslip information out to everyone in the department. Regrettably, this was not an isolated incident. Similar cases have occurred worldwide, with varying degrees of fallout. Suffice to say, this is a key example of what can happen when you choose to go manual. The lack of failsafe protocols coupled with human unpredictability can and has proven to be very detrimental to workplace productivity and performance.

Bearing in mind that there are numerous technologies on the market that can resolve these issues for you, choosing to rely on an antiquated and wholly obsolete method of data processing amounts to a veritable case of short-sightedness. Instead, leverage on digital solutions like cloud-hosting and automated systems. Such improvements can save businesses precious time and resources when it comes to HR management. Properly implemented, it also serves to streamline essential services like payroll processes, making the execution of related tasks a relatively simple affair.

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