Climate change poses a fundamental threat to everything we love. Rising sea levels, and extreme weather events will leave no continent untouched. Impacts are already being felt by many communities and habitats worldwide. Water supplies are shrinking, crop yields are dropping, forests are burning, and our oceans are becoming more acidic. These have huge implications for our livelihoods and human security.

HReasily is pleased to collaborate with WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature (Singapore) Limited making it its charity partner where companies using the HReasily payroll platform can make donations to help make a difference in keeping our thriving planet alive using GIRO facility under HReasily.

Indeed, there is incredible power in the act of giving. Companies and employees may now support efforts to fight climate change, protect forests, conserve marine areas and save wildlife by making the WWF-Singapore their charity partner too where your employees can donate a small amount of $10 per month.

A lot of people want to help but do not know how. The programme makes it easy for companies to create a meaningful journey for their employees.

For Companies For Employees
  • Corporate Citizenship. Upgrade your organisation’s corporate social responsibility efforts by introducing this programme to your employees.
  • Convenience. Add a donation pay item in just a few clicks.
  • Recognition. Be part of the programme’s key supporters and be recognized at our partnerships page.
  • Support. We will provide you with materials so you can talk about this to your employees.
  • Free Workshop. WWF-Singapore is happy to come down to your office to give more information about their work.
  • Get conservation updates every quarter.
  • Invitation to conservation talks.
  • Invitation to special events.
  • An easy way to give back and support a meaningful cause.
  • Free WWF-Singapore gift upon sign-up.

If you’re interested to know more about WWF-Singapore and how you can help make a difference through this new charity feature in the HReasily platform, please fill up this form below and our WWF-Singapore partner will be happy to come down to your office to make a short presentation to your employees.

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